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At Laurel Smiles Dental Care, our goal is to promote lifelong dental care with complete dental care. We provide dental cleanings, dental exams, fillings, sealants, and root canals to our patients. These are all general dental services that are vital in helping patients achieve their dental health goals. Good oral health will contribute to proper overall health. They also help prevent dental health problems from developing in the future. Additionally, our dentist in Laurel, MD offer other dental services to ensure that we can meet the unique needs of every one of our patients’ smiles. Whether you have missing teeth, or you need a custom mouthguard to protect your teeth while you are playing sports, Laurel Smiles Dental Care is here to help.

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Your Local Dentist in Laurel, MD Offers Preventive Dental Care

Emergency Dentistry

We are here to help you restore your smile after a dental emergency. You should contact us as soon as you can when dealing with a dental emergency. This is the best way to avoid tooth loss, further pain, and more problems.

Laser Dentistry

Our highly trained dentists provide laser dentistry services when working with your softest tissues like your gums, cheeks, and tongue. This technology allows cut down on post-procedure bleeding because the lasers are more effective at sealing off your nerves and blood vessels.

Family Dentistry

We are passionate about providing dental treatments for your whole family. Whether it’s your child’s first dental visit or you are seeking out a full set of dentures for yourself, we are here to provide complete family dentistry solutions no matter what stage of your dental care that you are in. By choosing a family dentist office, you will not have to travel to several dental practices to meet your families oral care needs.


Custom sports mouthguards are a vital preventative dental tool for general dentistry. For our patients who play impact sports, our custom sports mouthguards provide the highest quality of protection for your gums, teeth, and jaw. For patients suffering from teeth grinding or sleep apnea, our custom night guards have bee proven to be just as effective in treating these issues as well.

Pediatric Dentistry

Our entire team enjoys working with kids. We know that pediatric dentistry requires a compassionate and caring approach. Our doctors look forward to providing teeth cleanings and exams for your child. These should start by the time their first tooth erupts. We also offer dental sealants and custom sports mouthguards for your child. At each routine visit, we will chart your child’s teeth to monitor their oral health and development. As needed we can suggest and provide orthodontics including Invisalign clear aligners.

Sedation Dentistry

Many of our patients have a fear of visiting the dentist. This is very common. Also, anxiety over dental treatments is a common issue that prevents patients from coming to see us as often as should. We offer sedation dentistry services for patients who need help getting the dental care they require. We do our best to make sure you are comfortable and calm during the entire dental appointment.

Tooth Extraction

There are times when a dentist needs to safely remove a tooth for the benefit of your overall dental health. In these cases, we will perform a tooth extraction. Our tooth extraction services offer many benefits to our patients. These include wisdom tooth removal and preventing teeth from overcrowding. Also, we will need to remove a tooth if it is beyond repair from damage or decay.

Our general dentistry services are available for your entire family. We accept and treat patients of all ages. Call your local dentist in Laurel, MD to schedule an appointment at 301-200-1315. Our staff is available if you have questions about specific services we provide. You can also request an appointment online by filling out the form.