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Teeth Grinding Laurel, MD

Teeth Grinding: An Overview

Teeth grinding is a common dental concern that we treat in our office. Patients often are unaware that they are grinding their teeth until their teeth become damaged or sore as a result. We provide comprehensive treatment for teeth grinding in Laurel, MD. Our office is equipped to repair any damage is causes as well as prevent future damage from occurring.

Your dentist will look for signs of teeth grinding at your regularly scheduled cleanings and exams, though you should mention any signs or symptoms that you have been experiencing if you suspect you are grinding your teeth at night. Let us help you restore your smile, and your peace of mind, with our teeth grinding treatment options.

treatment for teeth grinding in Laurel MD

Treatment for Teeth Grinding in Laurel, MD

Teeth grinding can cause severe tooth damage if left untreated over time. If you have it untreated over a long period, it often causes damage to your teeth. They wear down faster if you’re constantly grinding them. It also makes teeth more likely to chip or break. We offer restorative dental solutions to take care of your teeth if teeth grinding damages them. Dental bonding helps to fill out teeth with mild chips or breaks. Dental crowns can completely cover and restore teeth that have undergone more severe damage.

Teeth grinding also goes along with TMJ disorders. Your jaw joint deteriorates and doesn’t move as smoothly as it should. This causes pain throughout the face and head and function issues with your jaw. You may not be able to open and close it properly or it may get stuck in certain positions. The longer TMJ issues go untreated, the more severe the side effects become.

At our office, we treat teeth grinding with oral appliance therapy. Often worn at night, an oral appliance prevents the teeth from grinding together, preventing excess wear or damage. Some oral appliances can also reposition the jaw so that it stays in the correct alignment while you’re sleeping. We may also recommend exercises that can help rehabilitate the situation.

Teeth Grinding FAQs

How can I fix the effects of teeth grinding?

Teeth grinding causes many different effects that can greatly affect your oral health. The most common effect is worn teeth. We can help you address worn teeth with restorative dental services such as dental veneers, dental crowns, and tooth bonding. Teeth grinding can also lead to headaches, earaches, and facial pain. Your dentist in Laurel MD can create a treatment plan that can address your symptoms and provide solutions to fix the effects of teeth grinding.

Why do I grind my teeth?

Patients experiencing high amounts of stress or anxiety are more likely to grind their teeth during their sleep. If you notice yourself clenching your jaw throughout the day while experiencing stress, there is a high likelihood that you grind your teeth unconsciously at night as well.

What are some symptoms of teeth grinding?

Most patients who grind their teeth are unaware that they do this. However, be on the lookout for several symptoms of teeth grinding, including, facial pain, jaw soreness, headaches, earaches, and loose or worn-down teeth. Your dentist will check your teeth for signs of teeth grinding at your regular checkups and cleanings, though you should mention any of these symptoms to them as well.

How can I stop teeth grinding?

Our teeth grinding patients benefit greatly from our customized night guards, which help protect their teeth at night while they sleep. A night guard functions similarly to a sports mouthguard, in that it is a customized oral appliance that fits securely over your teeth. Our night guards also hold your jaw in a good resting position that benefits your airway and can reduce jaw pain as well.

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Laurel Smiles Dental Care is home to experienced restorative dentists in Laurel, MD. If you suffer from teeth grinding, we will review the options to fix your teeth as well as review your options to treat the grinding. We offer many affordable restorative options for patients who have damaged teeth from grinding. Call our office today at 301-490-7007 or request an appointment online.