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Family Dentistry Laurel, MD

Family Dentistry in Laurel, MD

As your trusted local dentist, we look forward to providing you with comprehensive dental care for your whole family. Our doctors are equipped to provide you with a variety of treatments so that we can meet the needs of your family’s smiles. Patients of all ages are welcome to visit our dental office, including children. Our highly trained dental team knows how to care for your children’s smiles by going through all of our procedures slowly and answering their questions as we go. Family dentistry in Laurel, MD allows us to treat every member of your family under one roof. We promise to provide each patient with the highest quality of dental care possible.

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Age-Specific Dental Care

Family dentistry in Laurel, MD is geared towards the needs of each patient at their stage in life. Different dental issues are more common at different ages. The same dental problems don’t heavily impact toddlers and seniors. For younger children, tooth decay is the worst issue. Children have diets that are higher in sugar and may not brush and floss as diligently as they should. Dental sealants provide an extra layer of protection against tooth decay. We paint this material onto the surfaces of the teeth that are most susceptible to decay. It provides a layer in between bacteria and the surface of your tooth.

For teens and young adults, the biggest problems are usually crooked teeth and wisdom teeth causing problems. At our office, we have multiple options to take care of crooked teeth, including Invisalign. With a thorough evaluation and discussion, we can help you determine the best solution for your unique case.

Wisdom teeth cause problems more often than not. Our jaws usually don’t have enough room for this extra set of molars. Either the wisdom teeth erupt and cause your teeth to become crooked or crowded, or they get impacted under the surface. We track the development of your wisdom teeth and determine if removal is the right solution before they cause you more problems.

By the time we’re seniors, our mouths have taken on a lot of wear and tear. Our teeth naturally discolor as we age, in addition to any staining from lifestyle choices throughout the years. Teeth whitening can take years off an aging smile. Tooth loss is also most prominent in seniors, too. We offer a variety of options, including dental implants and dentures.

Family Dentistry: Frequently Asked Questions

We look forward to welcoming your entire family to our office. Our comprehensive dental services promote good oral hygiene habits and encourage long-term dental health. Here are some frequently asked questions about our family dental services.

My child is especially anxious about going to the dentist. What can we do?

It is common for many people and children to feel anxious during their dental appointment. Talking with our doctors about our dental sedation options is a great way to look for alternatives to assist with dental anxiety. Our sedation dentistry practices assist in keeping your child calm and comfortable throughout the appointment. Additionally, our doctors provide the highest level of compassionate dental care, so you don’t have to worry.

What should I expect at our first dental appointment?

For our new patients, we have a whole page dedicated to helping you prepare for your first appointment. We will welcome you and your family into our office with a smile. Our team will consult with you on your previous dental history, provide a thorough dental cleaning, and provide you with a treatment plan for any dental concerns you may have.

What are some good brushing or flossing techniques?

You should brush your teeth at least twice a day, but preferably after each meal. Brush your teeth gently to avoid cutting your gums. Move the brush in a variety of different positions to remove buildup from the fronts, backs, and sides of your teeth. You should aim to floss at least once a day to get in your mouth’s hard-to-reach spaces. Wrap the floss around the base of your tooth to get close to the gum line.

How often should I see a dentist?

You should see your dentist at least twice a year, or every six months. This is because dental issues quickly become bigger issues if not taken care of in a timely manner. Bad oral health can have negative effect on your overall health. Regular dental cleanings and exams prevent tooth loss, gum disease, or tooth decay. The more often you see your dentist, the less likely you develop any of that.

We are here to help whether you need a full set of dentures or are experiencing dental anxiety over your first dental appointment. Put your entire family on the right track for lifelong dental health with and good oral hygiene. Schedule an appointment or call our team today at 301-200-1315 with your questions, comments, or concerns. We look forward to seeing you in our state of the art dentist office soon.